Why Wireframes Are A Great Investment

Designers can be really complicated. Sometimes it seems that their techniques are a little over the top. You might think you just hire a designer and put your money down, and wait until your new shiny website is done. However, it requires a lot more than that, the best websites are those that are made with collaboration of the person. If there is less effort put on your part, don’t be surprised if the website looks nothing like you wanted it to be. That’s why its necessary for any good designer to first make a wireframe, or a blueprint of the website before beginning to design.

So, what’s a wireframe?

Many question why we need a wireframe? Why can’t we just design the website immediately? The Oxford Dictionary describes it as “an image or set of images which displays the functional elements of a website or page, typically used for planning a site’s structure and functionality.” Simply put, a blueprint helps create a relationship between you and your designer and helps with content, pages, elements and functionality the way you want it.



If someone is planning on building a new house, and they hire an architect, they obviously want the architect to show you the plans.

Below are examples of what a Wireframe looks like:

SMC Marketing

However, an SEO blueprint is much better than a regular blueprint. Here are a few times to incorporate SEO into a wireframe. Company in Jersey City SEO:

  • Recognize the ‘quantity of’ and ‘primary function’ for each page
    • This could be services, data, sales and so on. This is essential, as it will dictate the results of the following step…
  • Carry out keyword analysis
    • Look for the Jersey City digital marketing,
    • The target is to inquire into and discern high search volume keywords that have true applicability to the subject matter on each page. Keep in mind that the purpose of this information is to execute these keywords into the meta tags, path names and internal wireframe. This will help with website content management
    • Create a navigation system that contains the relevant keywords, only keeping important information on top and 2nd level.

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