Hows everyone doing? Just Got a Ps4!

Hey, just checking in to see how everybody is doing? I’m just wondering: What have your recent gaming exploits been like? I recently just got a new Playstation 4! NO its not because I was late to the party, I just broke my previous one so I decided to buy a new one with the destiny bundle rather than getting it fixed. I really like the playstation 4 over the xbox one for some reason. I just appreciate the feel!

I also got a few new games to test out. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has looked sick! I beat the main storyline and it was literally orgasmic. I’m still testing out the multiplayer interface. I like to wait a while before I recommend something to you because I want to ensure everything is going smoothly!

Whats your favorite console? Favorite game? Leave a comment below!

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Dragon City

Dragon City

What is Dragon City?

Dragon city  is a brand new online game dealing with growing your own dragons! Yes dragons! Dragon City is all about breeding your own dragons, growing them, fighting them and then gaining more dragons! It might seem very mechanical process at first, but it is actually the opposite!


Dragon City

Dragon City


The first thing about the game is understanding dragon city breeding. Breeding is what makes the game go round! If you know how to breed every dragon you will be well on your way to becoming a dragon master! You can even breed a free legendary dragon!

Now how do you go about this? Dragon City breeding is immensely complicated, so it is useful to have someone guide you through it. We recommend this breeding guide by

Now that you have an idea about breeding, you can move on to the gameplay it self. There are two major forms of gameplay, gold and combat. Watch below

Gold is what you use to grow food. Growing food allows you to level up your dragons. Why is this important ? Growing your dragon to a stronger level lets you make them stronger! Once they become stronger you can fight other dragons and gain gems to expand your dragon world!

As you can see, the game gets quite complicated after a while. However, the basics of the game are the same! Get gold, breed, get stronger dragons and expand. It is almost like the game of life!

In all seriousness, however, this is a great game. You really form a genuine connection with the dragons and you always have them on your mind. The game really grows on you and before you know it you’ve spent days playing! I really hope you give it a shot!

Visit Dragon City Guide’s

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